I have worked as a recipe developer, food stylist, food photographer, Mexican food and travel writer, brand ambassador and spokesperson, partnering with Food Network with Coca-Cola, Herdez with Disney/Pixar’s Coco, Target, Smirnoff, Betty Crocker, TABASCO, McCormick, Avocados from Mexico, Kroger, Eggland’s Best, Reynolds Wrap, Milk Life, California Strawberries, KitchenAid, Land O Lakes, and more. Samples below.

I love working with different brands and companies. For recipe development, sponsored posts, brand ambassadorships, etc., contact me (email below). My media kit is available on request. I look forward to hearing from you!

View my reel and see samples of projects below:

For literary inquiries, please contact my literary agency, The Lisa Ekus Group at Sally@LisaEkus.com

For TV inquiries, digital, print, brand sponsorships, speaking, or anything else, please contact Johanna Voss at johanna@johannavoss.com with johannavoss.com

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hola, please send me an email at yvette@muybuenocookbook.com

Brand Spokesperson and Ambassador Partnerships

Yvette will represent your brand through blog posts, social media, travel opportunities, media tours, brand events, conferences, etc.


I love creating unique recipes and specialize in developing delicious Latin-inspired dishes using ingredients or products I love.


If your company is hosting a food event or planning a press trip, I would love to be involved and share those experiences with Muy Bueno readers.

  • Avocados from Mexico: Cancun Wine and Food Festival and BlogHer Food in Seattle.


Are you looking for someone to write, photograph, or produce a video about a unique destination or experience that Muy Bueno readers would enjoy? Reach out to discuss how I can help you to create beautiful, high-quality content to promote your trip or destination.


I produce professional quality videos with my partner, an Emmy award-winning filmmaker. Ask how we can create original cooking and lifestyle branded videos for YouTube and other digital platforms tailored for your company.


I’ve appeared on national television and digital shows.


Do you need a Latina blogger, home chef, cookbook author, or Mexican food expert to appear in print, radio, TV segments, or as a spokesperson for your brand? Let’s discuss your unique opportunity further.


I have worked on-camera with Food Network, Tastemade, Avocados from Mexico, Eggland’s Best, and Herdez. Do you need a professional personality to present on-camera?


I have appeared at large national conferences and seminars and have also presented smaller cooking demos. Find out how I can create an event to fit your audience and needs.


  • “Bloggers We (Heart)” by Taste of Home magazine
  • “Latina Blogger You Must Know” by Latina magazine
  • “Chica You Should Follow on Instagram” by People en Español
  • “Best of the Blogs: Mexican Recipes” by BHG.com
  • “20 Food Bloggers to Whet Your Appetite” by Trip Advisor
  • Saveur Blog Awards finalist for:
    • Best Food Blog, 2014
    • Best Use of Video, 2014
    • Best Regional Cuisine Blog, 2012
    • Best Group Blog, 2012


Yvette’s background, cooking expertise and high quality content made her a great fit for Quaker support, along with her social metrics/audience being within our guardrails.  It was great to partner with her! I appreciated that she did a nice job incorporating relevant key messages and always read the influencer briefs thoroughly, which I really appreciate. You guys are the best and I appreciate how seriously you both took this role and how quickly Yvette turned around content when we were working against tough deadlines.
—Madeline Taber, Fleishman Hillard, Senior Account Executive (Quaker)

Yvette was the perfect fit with her food, family and cultural background to showcase how she and her son turn it into her own! Seemed like she would be exactly the type of mom and chef that would align with our brand as well as Pillsbury! Everything went well.
—Charles Weber, Talent Manager, Meredith Corporation (Pillsbury)

Yvette’s audience matched with Bumble Bee’s target audience. Her previous content seemed like a great fit for Bumble Bee. Yvette was a good partner for the project because of her high quality content and an engaged audience. She had some of the most engaging content. Yvette went above and beyond our agreed upon social sharing agreement and shared multiple pins for each recipe further amplifying her content. We appreciated Yvette incorporating her unique and ownable stories from her life into her content.
—Brandon Smith, Senior Account Executive, Fleishman-Hillard (Bumble Bee)

“Yvette is a gem! We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with her for several Toyota campaigns over the years and her content is always impeccable. She was one of our first influencer collaborators years back and it was an instant connection given she’s a Toyota owner herself. We’ve been able to work together to create content that is authentic, engaging and heartfelt. Most recently, Yvette helped us liven up a virtual program by guiding a cooking demonstration for a large group. She planned, prepared and delivered. Not only was the recipe delicious, but she was helpful to all who asked questions and reassured the group that the most important thing to do in the kitchen is have fun. We look forward to collaborating with her again.”
—Jessica Peraza, Account Director, Allison+Partners (Toyota)

Because of past experiences working with Yvette we knew she would deliver high quality content and be an amazing and enjoyable partner to collaborate with. I think Yvette was an amazing partner who consistently delivered great content and metrics. We definitely hope to continue partnering with Yvette on future programming.
—Sydney Pollock, Account Executive, Edelman (Barilla)

“We looked at her content and we thought it was beautifully shot. The way she incorporates her life and history into her recipes was wonderful; and her recipes are like traditional Mexican recipes with a twist. We just loved what she creates instantly. The client was looking for experienced chefs that would create original recipes but it still felt homely, like you could recreate the recipes at home, which is exactly what Yvette does. Her recipes are accessible to and for anyone.Yvette was super professional. She fulfilled any request from the client. We never had to chase her down for her recipes. She was always timely. Her writing and pictures were always professional. She made our jobs easier. We loved working with Yvette. She was phenomenal and we will definitely work with her again whenever we have the chance.”
—Lopez Negrete Communications (Mahatma Rice)

“We selected Yvette for this program because not only does she make great high quality content and her traditional and Latin-inspired made her a compatible partner for the Bush’s brand. Yvette has been a great partner for this campaign. She has created high quality content that is aligned with the brief, and has been super nimble and flexible as things adjust during this longer partnership.”
—Edelman (Bush’s Beans)

“Yvette was a partner that the Kroger team themselves recommended based on the positive experience they had working with her in the past. When we did a deep dive into possible partners, Yvette rose to the top as someone who aligned with brand objectives and was able to create beautiful and engaging content. For the multiple campaigns we’ve worked with Yvette on, she has been great at being flexible with brand requests while also being collaborative and honest about what she believes will resonate with her audience.”
—360i (Kroger)

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Yvette on influencer marketing campaigns for General Mills and Land O’Lakes over several years and appreciate her creative approach and professionalism. Yvette goes beyond the basic level of content production and truly captures the spirit and key attributes of the brands she represents. She’s a joy to work with and brings a jolt of positivity to every discussion. For brands looking to partner with a credible, savvy content partner, I highly recommend Yvette and her fabulous Muy Bueno media platforms.”
—Ampere (General Mills and Land O’Lakes)

“We selected Yvette because she is a Mexican influencer who had an organic love for the Abuelita brand, which was super important for the client. Yvette was a good partner because she could genuinely and authentically speak to her personal love for the brand. She was great—she delivered the key messaging and themes requested in a personable way. When faced with criticism from her following she was willing to work with the brand in sharing messaging that would address those comments. She’s an excellent partner in that she delivers quality content, shares content in an organized manner for the client/agency to review and the analytics platform following the content are AMAZING.”
—The Axis Agency (Nestlé Abuelita)

“It was a pleasure working with Yvette on our 2020 summer campaign for Alden’s Organic. We chose Yvette because we love her content – it’s beautiful, relevant, fresh and she brings a unique perspective to the food influencer space. At SPPR, we also make sure diverse voices are represented through our work, and being a Latina myself, I felt it was important to include Yvette in our work with Alden’s Organic, a brand who’s core value is providing ice cream products for all. Yvette was very professional and thoughtful, which the content she delivered showcased. She incorporated her family into a fun and authentic backyard moment that was on-brief and vital to the campaign’s performance.”
—SodaPopPR (Alden’s Organic)

“Yvette has worked on several IMUSA projects for cookware and kitchen accessories. From developing unique recipes to testing new products for us, she has been a great asset to the company for these services.

Always providing on time delivery for a project and ‘over delivering’ that consistently exceeded expectations. Her recipes are delicious, unique providing our loyal consumer with a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine. Simple, yummy and easy recipes with accessible ingredients is critical for many novice foodies and cooks. Yvette always accomplished this task and introduced many fans of IMUSA into the world of Mexican cuisine.”

“Yvette is a creative and professional writer, recipe developer, food photographer, and promoter. Additionally, she is easy to work with and extremely pleasant and personable.”
California Strawberries

“Muy Bueno cookbook embodies rich heritage brought into the 21st century with delicious recipes and enticing photography, allowing the next generations of Latin-Americans in the U.S. to hang on to its culinary roots.”
Avocados from Mexico

“As an emerging brand, Yvette has been a wonderful resource to us as we are just getting started. She is an amazing person to collaborate with and has been critical to our early success and product development.”
Good Tastes/Buen Sabor