Veronica of Muy Bueno has moved to Germany

Fate has a peculiar way of rearing its quirky head and it made its way to our home a few months ago. Someone once said, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.” Steve (my hubby) and I have longed for years to live in Europe. You might remember that we met and lived in Okinawa. For years we have jokingly said that once our two kids could pack their own backpack we were going to move overseas again. As fate would have it, Steve received a job offer to teach in Germany. Yes you heard that right, Germany. And I am teaching Spanish to American children who are here in Germany with their active duty parents. After eleven years in California, our little family of four closes a memorable chapter in California and begins a new one in Deutschland.

We have now been here in Germany for about ninety days and it seems like a lifetime since we moved here. So much has happened since we got here. Our family has celebrated our first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve in Germany. The Christmas Markets were truly more beautiful than I ever imagined. We really are in the land of Christmas. As the year progresses, we look forward to learning about and celebrating German holidays, learning to speak German, eating lots of schnitzel, and of course testing lots of good German beer and wine.

We feel incredibly lucky to be living here and giving our two kids the opportunity of a lifetime to travel and learn about Europe by experiencing it first hand. We plan on doing lots of traveling all over Europe over the next three years. If we like it tons, we may even stay longer. As far as family life goes, our days are quite normal. Our daughter has ballet twice a week and our son has hockey practice twice a week. School, homework, practice, and work fill our week. Our weekends and holidays are filled with exploring Europe and Germany.

Last week we were in Paris for the weekend and it was an amazing trip. But that’s a different story for another day. Look for that post in February as we share our love for the city of lights.

To all our wonderful family and friends reading this, we miss you and wish you were here. If we could magically make you all appear on our doorstep we would but since we can’t just know that we are only a phone call, Skype visit, facebook message or email away. Our wilkommen (welcome) mat is always present and your visit is always welcome. Thank you for all the beautiful memories in California. So as we close the chapter in California we want to say thanks for the trips to Vegas, camping trips, girl’s weekends, Sundays at the beach, couple’s date nights, parties, limo rides, block parties, barbeques, wine tasting events, poker nights ‘til 3 am, movie nights, dinner parties, theme parties, game nights, hockey games, dance recitals, birthday celebrations, and hanging out with us just because. We carry with us a little bit of each one of you in each one of those memories.

Last week as I was unpacking a mountain of boxes, at one point I was overwhelmed by the number of items I unpacked that were gifts from you, our loving friends that were given to us over the last eleven years. We truly are blessed with loving and caring family and friends.

So with this move I guess one third of Muy Bueno is now in Germany. Now that my kitchen is all set up, I can’t wait to experiment with all the new ingredients that are made available to me in German markets. I can’t wait to give it the Muy Bueno Mexican twist. I love that we will be close to France and maybe, just maybe I will bump into David Lebovitz, somewhere in the streets of Paris who is, living the sweet life in Paris.

I will continue to blog and work on the cookbook with mom and my sister, Yvette. I look forward to having more time to work on several other assignments coming up. I’m looking forward to working on my photography skills and experimenting with some of our recipes and creating new ones. I can’t wait to explore the endless cuisines throughout Europe, castles, ruins, cafes, fashions, museums, and cities I’ve only read about in textbooks. More importantly I get to do this with Steve, the love of my life, and our two children.

To all of you who will continue to follow Muy Bueno on our blog, facebook, or twitter it’s going to be a great ride so buckle up and get ready for a new dimension to your Muy Bueno experience.

Raise your glass with me; cheers, salud, and prost to all that is muy bueno!

Written by Veronica / Photos by Veronica