The Muy Bueno Cookbook Preview

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Summer started off with a bang and is still going strong. We’ve had a nice array of events keeping us super busy and keeping us busy through July. June found Yvette and me spending some much needed quality time together in Seattle. Nothing like sisters hanging out together with a glass of wine and in our pj’s talking and laughing and catching up. Our conversation drifted from our families to the BlogHer Food event we were attending in Seattle. We also talked about the future of our blog, recipes, cooking, and of course the cookbook. I was in the states for thirteen days and our long to-do list just got longer and longer the more we talked.

After the event in Seattle we flew to her home in Colorado where mom was already there waiting to help out with the long to-do list. In one week we cooked, styled, and alongside our lovely photographer, Jeanine, we managed to finalize the final photos for the cookbook. The same week we also had a promotional cookbook video shoot and the experience was unchartered territory for us, needless to say we had a blast. Not knowing what to expect and so much to anticipate we went into high gear grocery and prop shopping for a variety of the scenes for the video. It’s amazing how much footage never makes it into the video but that’s all part of the process.

Thank you Jon and Rose, the team from Elevation Events, for being ever so kind and helpful while shooting the video. You guided us well and were forever patient with us three video rookies. We love how well you were able to capture the essence of who we are as a familia and why we wrote the Muy Bueno cookbook. The three plus minutes you edited from six plus hours of footage says so much about your dedication to our project. We also want to thank Samantha Koch for doing our makeup; you made us all feel glamorous. Thank you to our cousin Brenda and her husband Augi for letting us shoot the dining scene in their backyard. Eating out in the open air made us all want to linger on more than time would allow. Thanks to Bill and Brad for lugging all the furniture to and from our location site, we know how much work that was. And thank you Carl (AKA Thomas) for the lovely song you created just for us. We knew a year ago when you wrote that song with us in mind that we would have to save it for this special video. Jeanine thanks for taking some great behind the scene photos of our time at the farmers market, cooking scenes, and eating scenes. Some of those images are memories we will cherish forever. Gracias to all of you, we feel truly blessed to have each and every one of you with us along this memorable journey.

So now, without further ado we would like to share with you our collaborative effort showcasing why we have written the Muy Bueno cookbook. Besos!

Thanks for reading and please keep in touch. Also check out the Muy Bueno cookbook available to pre-order on Amazon

Written by Veronica / Photos by Jeanine / Video by Elevation Events