Paletas (Popsicles/Ice Pops)

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It’s been three years since I started this blog. Seriously, where did the time go? I could have never predicted that my love of Mexican food would lead me to become a cookbook author, food blogger, food writer, and recipe developer. It’s amazing how quickly time flies by when you do something you are passionate about. I am so thankful to work in the comfort of my own home and do what I love. I feel truly blessed.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support as well as cool you off with some of my favorite paleta flavors. I love experimenting in the kitchen – especially with paletas because you honestly can’t go wrong.

I call them paletas, but you can call them popsicles or ice pops. Whatever you choose to call them they are the perfect frozen delight, especially this time of year when it is so hot outside.

Here are some recipes found in our cookbook, blog, and recipes I have developed for other websites. I hope you find some inspiration to keep you cool before the summer is over.


Horchata, Limon, Sandia, Coco, and Jamaica – Oh my! You can find all of these recipes in our printed Muy Bueno cookbook.


Strawberry Margarita Popsicles – With or without tequila you will love them!

Avocados aren’t just for guacamole! Try these exotic Avocado and Coconut Popsicles.


Mango-Chile Paletas — An ice-cold summer treat with a little Latin sabor.


Peach Coconut Paletas are so easy to make with only three ingredients. Peaches, coconut milk, and sugar. So refreshing.


These Paletas de Canela taste like summer with a hint of winter.


These Green Sweet Tea, Honey, and Lemon Paletas taste just like sweet tea on a stick.

Thank you so much for your support as I share my culinary journey on this li’l blog I call home. I have lots more to share regarding recipes and exciting new adventures, so please stay tuned.

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Written by Yvette / Photos by Jeanine + Yvette