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shredded chicken in an earthenware bowl
poached chicken breasts being shredded on a black plate

Easy Poached Shredded Chicken

This incredibly easy recipe for shredded chicken requires just four ingredients! Make a big batch on your meal prep day and enjoy it in...

two bowls of chorizo chili con carne with avocado, cheese and onion topping

Chorizo Chili con Carne (Frijoles Enchilados)

This hearty and economical bean stew, made with BUSH’S® Beans, is a perfect cold weather dish best served on game day. My Chorizo Chili...

cowboy cookies on a wooden background

Cowboy Cookies Recipe + Video

These Cowboy Cookies are packed with chocolate chips, pecans, coconut, oats, and cinnamon. They are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside,...

mexican chocolate christmas cookies on a silver platter

Mexican Chocolate Crinkle Cookies + Video

These yummy cookies have a perfectly fudgy interior, a lightly crisp exterior, and are flavored with cinnamon spice and Mexican chocolate. If you are...

fall chicken salad with apples on a platter

Fall Chicken Salad Sandwiches

This delicious Chicken Salad Recipe is filled with the flavors of fall – sweet apples, tart cranberries, and pecans are mixed with a lightened...

two chicken enchiladas on a terra cotta plate topped with cilantro

Easy Chicken Enchiladas

Lightly fried corn tortillas are filled with shredded chicken, cheese, and onion, rolled up and then smothered with a rich and spicy homemade red...

plate of Brazilian feijoada

Brazilian Feijoada (Black Bean Stew) with Garlic Butter Rice

This traditional Brazilian comfort food, Feijoada, is chock full of delicious black beans, vegetables, and three kinds of pork. It’s sure to delight the...

chicken mole on a blue and white plate with white rice and salted avocado

Easy Chicken Mole Recipe

Holy Mole! This Chicken Mole recipe is out of this world, boasting a thick, rich, chocolate-tinged, mildly spicy sauce. This particular recipe is a...

molletes with refried beans, melted cheese and colorful pico de gallo on a wooden cutting board

Molletes Mexicanos with Refried Beans

These classic Molletes Mexicanos are made with refried beans, melty cheese and zesty salsa on butter toasted bolillos. A classic and economical Mexican dish,...

chilaquiles rojos in cast iron pan on a wooden cutting board

Red Chile Chilaquiles (Chilaquiles Rojos)

These Red Chile Chilaquiles are made using homemade enchilada sauce, corn tortillas, and melty cheese. Feel free to serve chilaquiles with eggs if you desire. This...