Latin Twist giveaway

When UPS rang my doorbell and two huge heavy boxes were sitting on my front porch I couldn’t help but tear open the boxes. I knew they had arrived — Latin Twist was officially printed and published. I was in awe as I stared at the hardcover beauties. I pulled out a book and all I could do was hold it up to the heavens as if I was holding baby Simba. Latin Twist was born!

I was so happy as I flipped through every page. The thick and glossy pages were filled with our words and recipes – I felt as if it was all a dream, a beautiful dream. I couldn’t put it down and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. It was a huge relief to see it, to hold it, and to read it. I cried happy tears.

Heidi over at designed this book. I’ve been crushing on her for years. She’s so talented, and her background is in graphic design just like me. When I asked her to be a part of the Latin Twist team I was elated when she agreed. I couldn’t have envisioned a better design for this book.

The photos are stunning! Jeanine Thurston who also photographed Muy Bueno took all the photos. During the photography stage, Vianney and I had fun styling each cocktail. My home looked like a disaster zone with cocktail glasses, boxes of fruit, liquor bottles, sticky floors, and props all around, but it was all worth it.

I wrote this book with Vianney over at Sweet Life and couldn’t have partnered with a better co-author. During the entire process we have grown to be more than friends, we are familia. We have learned to trust each other and know what each other’s strengths are. We balance each other perfectly. We both love to entertain and shake up cocktails. Our love of sharing our recipes with family and friends and our adoration of our Mexican heritage gleams through this book.

home barware

We could not have done this without the eyes and ears of our awesome team at Hippocrene Books. I am so thankful that they not only published Muy Bueno, but thrilled they published this book too.

Latin Twist is more than a cocktail book; it is full of history and traditions. Even though Vianney and I are not family our families are very similar. We are both of Mexican decent and each of our families loves to get together for any occasion. There is always homemade comida and drinks served at every fiesta, and we wanted to share that with you so, that you can entertain your family and friends with a Latin twist.

citrus slices

This book is not only about cocktails from Mexico, it covers all of Latin America and Spain. There are cocktails from Columbia, Brazil, Peru, and Argentina just to name a few. There are 19 countries represented and close to 100 total recipes. You will learn how to make some of the most popular Latin cocktails that have been around for centuries as well as new cocktails that we developed inspired by the ingredients or spirits from their country.

Our mission with this book is to share cocktails that are made with fresh fruit juices and quality sprits and show you how to make these fabulous drinks at home without having to own fancy barware.

morir soñando ponche a la romana

We all know what a margarita is. We all know what a mojito is. Slowly but surely we are learning what a caipirinha is. But have you ever heard of a morir soñando or ponche a la romana? Want to learn about other Latin cocktails? Some of our summer cocktail recipes are featured in the June/July issue of Latina magazine.

We are so thankful for your love and support. And because we are so excited we wanted to host a giveaway. I am giving away three books on my blog, and Vianney is giving away three books, for a total of six winners. Scroll down to enter giveaway.

Book Tour Dates

But wait that’s not all, we are gearing up for a cocktail book tour and we look forward to meeting some of you — Colorado, Texas, and New Orleans, here we come! I will be updating the book tour page, so stay tuned.

In celebration of our labor of love, I raise a cocktail to each and every one of you who have supported my blog, YouTube videos, facebook ramblings, instagram photos, tweets, and published books. I look forward to meeting up with Vianney as we travel to sign books and excited to see both familia and amigos along the way.


Our publisher Hippocrene Books will send out three winners a copy of the new hardcover Latin Twist. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win this giveaway.

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We welcome you to pick up a copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and go on an exotic adventure via cocktails. We hope you enjoy our cocktail book as much as we enjoyed writing, researching, developing, and testing. If you have already purchased a book, THANK YOU! We’d love to know what you think of it. Please leave a customer review on Amazon. As you might guess it’s valuable feedback for potential buyers and us.

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