IMUSA and Muy Bueno Making Tamales

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IMUSA is one of the oldest and most recognized names in Hispanic kitchenware. As a culture, Hispanics universally share a strong commitment to family and when we first spoke to the team over at IMUSA we admired that they share this same culture.

One of IMUSA’s goals is to optimize their tamale steamer designs for 2012 and 2013 and contacted us to partner with them. Their products are authentic and tested by the best cooks in the world. So when they contacted us we were honored to say the least. We agreed to the challenge and after weeks of testing we gave them our feedback on their tamale steamers. We tested several tamale steamers to find the perfect size for the best value, and the best cooking performance.

This monumental task was just that, monumental, but a challenge we were thrilled to take on. One thing we knew for sure is that this challenge would require us to head home and work with mom, the tamale queen. Other than our grandma no one, I mean no one, makes tamales like mom does. We tested each of the IMUSA steamers with non other than our delicioso tamale recipes.

Mom prepped everything for days, which turned into weeks. Before our arrival, mom even had a couple cousin’s assist with the tamale assembly (Gracias Georgina and Naomi). Making tamales takes time and is always more enjoyable with company. The best kept secret to making tamales is the time women get to spend together while filling each little husk with masa and filling.

Once my sister and I arrived to El Paso the tamale assembly, and cooking continued. This trip was a lot of work but extremely rewarding. We took advantage of our girl time together without husbands and children. It was just the three of us, en la cocina, cooking, laughing, and sharing stories about our kids and our daily lives with mom. A whirlwind of a weekend we will remember fondly.

After steaming hundreds, yes you heard that right, hundreds of tamales I felt like a tamal. The smell was in my nostrils for days (in a good way). We made red chile pork tamales, green chile pork tamales, tamales filled with rajas con queso, and for the first time I made chicken tamales with rajas con queso. Yup, we made each and every beautifully wrapped tamal from scratch and steamed it to perfection. At this point I can make them in my sleep.

Most importantly we are honored that IMUSA called on us to do the testing. As with every project, Mom, Yvette, and I worked together in our kitchen testing the pros and cons for each steamer. Thank you IMUSA for trusting us to give you our feedback. We can truly say we LOVE your steamers and the cobalt blue one, with a glass lid and black heat resistant handles is our steamer favorito.

All the IMUSA steamers are heavy-duty units and not limited to just tamale making. These steamers work wonderfully to steam seafood and vegetables too. I have a great seafood boil recipe I can’t wait to try.

You can find IMUSA tamale steamers at and Go to to find a variety of other Hispanic cookware.

Note: IMUSA was generous enough to fund this entire project, so a big virtual abrazo goes out to them. All comments about the quality of their products are truly our own.