UPDATE:  We will be at Barnes & Noble again for another book signing on Friday, November 23 from 11:00 – 1:00pm. See you there!

We are at the airport on our way to El Paso to celebrate with familia and friends. Mom, Yvette, and I will have this rare moment where we will be in the same town and have the chance to sign cookbooks together. We know grandma will be smiling down on us with that special twinkle in her eyes and saying, “Que bueno!” It will be a wonderful homecoming for sure.

As Yvette and I sit here at the Burbank airport waiting to board our flight to El Paso, we are pinching ourselves and forever grateful for our published cookbook and this fun book tour. Thank you to all of you who have supported us on this amazing journey. We are grateful that we got to do this together with mom and honor grandma in a way we know would make her proud. Recounting all the events that have transpired during our book tour has been fun, tearful, exciting, exhausting, memorable, but most of all surreal.

As we head home and get all fired up for our book signing on Saturday, November 17 we want to thank The City, El Paso Magazine who wrote a superb article about Muy Bueno. The magazine is gorgeous and we want to thank you for sharing our story.

Have you seen the article written by Sylvia Ulloa over at El Paso Times? The feature in the Living section of the newspaper captured our family’s love of food and traditions beautifully. Thanks to the article we have had numerous congratulatory phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages. Mil gracias!

The next few days will be filled seeing family and friends, book signing, making new friends, cooking, eating, drinking, and preparing a huge Thanksgiving feast; the craziness of it all makes my head spin, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As we head home today we are quickly reminded about everything we are thankful for this Thanksgiving:

  • Being home and celebrating with mom and our brother
  • Seeing our lovely familia and old friends
  • Share in our book signing together with mom in our home town
  • Preparing home cooked meals in our weathered Crocs and eating till we are stuffed
  • Sitting around and sharing moments from our book tour

Looking forward to seeing everyone!