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  2. Do you sell the Caribbean papaya punch? If not where can I find it?

  3. Hola Yvette, I made the biscocho with shortening and it has a biscuit texture. Not a light crispy cookie that I am accustomed to. Peperhaps, I should have used the lard?

    Thank you, Laura

  4. Do you have any capirotada recipes, my mom would make them traditionally for Easter but also, for Christmas, (with a little pleading), I wanted to pass on the tradition to my children.

  5. Hello Yvette, 
    It is so exciting to find you web site!   I’m planning to make Bunuelos New Years Eve.  My Father’s mother use to make them for us during the holidays. It will be such a treat to share this delicious treat with my children and husband. 
    My maternal Grandmother, Maria Louisa Caro, was raised and born in El Paso , TX.   My Great, Great, Great grandfather was Leonardo Caro, who immigrated to El Paso mid 1800s,  We still have a lot of family in El Paso, so I always feel connected to El Paso. 

    Thank you so much for creating your Muy Bueno CookBook!  
    Renee R Durning 

  6. I loved reading your story about how your grandma healed with the old remedies that’s where I learned my remedies also thank you for sharing made me feel sad and happy I lost my grandma a few back and reading your story did take me back and I also do these things for my children and grandchildren .it would be great be if you wrote a book and if you do please post on your page where we can purchase it.

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