Chicken Tortilla Soup (a guest post)

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Please welcome writer and photographer: Nancy, the talented blogger and photographer from Spicie Foodie.

Today we are sharing a warm bowl of soup with our cyber-amiga who tried out our recipe and made it her own by adding a few personal touches. She is a talented photographer who now lives in Prague and is staying true to her Mexican roots. On her wonderful blog she shares her love of Mexican, Indian, and Thai cuisine. Both her photography and dishes are amazing and we encourage you to visit her beautiful site. Recently she interviewed the three of us. You can check out that interview on her blog.

Photography by Spicie Foodie.

Nancy ~ Hi everyone, my name is Nancy and I write the blog Spicie Foodie. I’m so excited to be guest posting on one of my favorite blogs. You loyal Muy Bueno Cookbook readers already know what makes this blog so special. For me some of the most special things are family traditions and the love behind each recipe.

When our lovely host Yvette invited me to try out one of her family’s recipes I knew it would be hard to pick just one. But being the mushy romantic that I am I chose the Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe. What is so romantic about the soup you ask? It was a recipe created by Veronica and her husband. To me one of the most romantic things to do with my hubby is create in the kitchen together. Come on who doesn’t find the image of a man working hard to make a special meal sexy?

Veronica and her husband’s patience and hard work really paid off with this soup. The amor that went into the soup is alive with every spoonful. Like true, strong and lasting love the soup is deep in flavors, strong in color, and through the crunch and smoothness the end result is a lasting warmth and fullness that will keep you happy for a life time.

You probably want to know in straightforward terms if I liked the soup.  As the soup simmered I took my first taste and said, “Oh my god this tastes awesome!” The smells brought back memories of watching my Mami in her kitchen. Beautiful and cherished memories. The cooking steps involved left not just my kitchen but the whole house smelling wonderful. So much so that my husband left his man cave to investigate what the delicious smells were.

You can find Veronica’s recipe here, Chicken Tortilla Soup. I tried to stay as true to the recipe as possible. The things I changed were as follows:

– Instead of roasting the tomatoes under the broiler I placed them on a comal or griddle. Along with the tomatoes I roasted the onion and garlic cloves. Make sure you also scrape or remove some of the charredness from the onion and garlic.

– I used the pasilla chile option and added a chile de arbol for a little extra heat.

– For the cheese I used crumbled Feta as neither quesadilla nor asadero are available here. Feta is like a queso fresco substitute and works great.

The one thing I do regret about making the soup is that I cut the recipe in half. It is only hubby and I so portions have to be smaller. Next time I’ll know to make the full recipe, believe me you’ll want to as well. To make a complete dinner out of the soup I served it with some refried beans and homemade flour tortillas.

Thank you Yvette for inviting me to your virtual home. Your soup was amazing and it is something I keep craving. Can’t wait to make it again very soon. For those of you experiencing winter right now this soup is a must to keep warm.

I’d also like to congratulate Yvette, Veronica, and Vangie for their upcoming book publication. I know we are all super excited for you and can’t wait to go out and buy our copies. Felicitaciones chicas y muy bien merecido! Abrazos y besitos!