Champurrado in a Jar

Last weekend as I was trying to decide what to take the lovely host and hostess of the Christmas party my hubby and I were attending, I was laboring over which bottle of wine to give them, along with homemade cookies. I wished at that moment that I had thought of something more original and creative to share with them. This time of year always seems to have really short days and a long list of things-to-do and this week was no different. As I sighed while I put the bottle of wine I’d chosen into a festive party bag I glanced over at my hubby, stared at him a really long time, and then a huge grin graced my face. He looked at me and said, “What?” and I just said, “Thank you, thank you!”

I raced past him and picked up our Muy Bueno cookbook, which was spread open to the Champurrado page, which was sitting on our cookbook stand on our kitchen counter. At that moment I got a genius festive idea (if I do say so myself) to put all the ingredients for a batch of champurrado in a jar. I attached the cinnamon sticks, anise star, and a recipe card, to the outside, and voila, a fun and certainly much more creative gift idea. My hubby just stared at me, shook his head, laughed out loud, and said, “How do you come up with this stuff?” I just giggled and shrugged my shoulders.

I didn’t feel like I could show up with only the champurrado in a jar so I emptied out a basket, added some festive tissue paper for fluff, and then placed a Muy Bueno cookbook in the basket, the bottle of red wine, and my newly created champurrado in a jar.

If you are looking for something unique to give that foodie friend, try creating your own muy bueno champurrado in a jar and print out our recipe card included here. If you want to give more, then do as I did and add our Muy Bueno cookbook. It costs as much as the average bottle of wine, but will live forever in their home.

Do you have any impressive homemade gift ideas? We’d love to hear them.

Written by Veronica / Photos by Veronica