Capirotada (Mexican Bread Pudding) + Video

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Capirotada sign Capirotada

Capirotada is a Mexican Passover tradition that I fear will one day become extinct. It is not a recipe you often find in a Mexican restaurant rather it’s a homemade comfort food dish and every Mexican and Mexican-American family has their own story behind it. The problem that I’ve found with this dish is that it is probably only passed down through oral tradition which is such a shame, for the stories and traditions associated with this recipe are just as deliciously unique as the combination of flavors.

Our capirotada recipe has been very rewarding to share. Just read all the lovely comments of fans that were so grateful to find our recipe. Our recipe includes basic ingredients, and with this recipe you can put your own personal stamp on it and add your favorite additions such as nuts, fruits, or sprinkles.

Capirotada bread pudding

Every time I make this dish I always wanted to make a video of it to share how simple it really is to make. My wish has finally come true and here is a video sharing simple tips such as resting in between layers so bread soaks up the syrup like a sponge and you end up with a soft sweet dish. In this video you will also learn the rich religious symbolism and history of the dish.

For the full written recipe be sure to find our heavenly family capirotada recipe here.

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Written by Yvette  / Photos and Video by Pure Cinematography