Beautiful Food Photos with Your Phone for Instagram

food photos with your phone

My daughter is close to 13 years old and has been asking me for a smart phone. I bought her a basic phone when she turned 12, but of course all her friends have smart phones and they are all on Instagram.

LG G4 food photography

When AT&T approached me to test out the LG G4 I couldn’t wait. To be honest I just handed it over to my daughter and have been having her play with it. I haven’t told her the great news yet, but I plan to give it to her for her 13th birthday. Shhhh, its our little secret. You can even have a chance at winning one of these phones later on in this post.

phone food photography

Since she sees me snap photos of food daily I wanted to teach her some basics when it comes to food photography with a phone.

phone photos

My daughter shot these two photos above with the manual setting (they are not edited) — With some practice I have a feeling she will be quite the food photographer.


Good lighting is key when it comes to food photography. I always use natural light. As tempting as it may be to shoot your steak dinner in a restaurant using a flash, just say no. It will not look appetizing.

I style every photo with a pretty background, whether it’s a piece of wood, colorful linens, or a simple marble slab. Adding color and texture to your dish or ingredients always add a bit of interest.

When it comes to phone photos its best to shoot from above. Phone cameras don’t have the depth of field, so feel free to stand on a chair and take your photo from above.

Apps and Filters
Of course if you want to be fancy you can download apps like Snapseed to edit your images, but try not to go overboard with editing and filters.

Instagram Safety
As a parent I wanted to share my fear of social media. I have agreed to let my daughter start an Instagram account once she is 13, but only if her account is set to private. That way the only people who can see her photos are friends she actually knows, meaning they need to request and she will have to approve.

As a protective mother we have talked about thinking before you post. Once you post something online, it’s hard to take it back.

Ok, back to the LG G4 – Talk about a fun camera phone. I’m very impressed. It has a front-facing camera for epic selfies with Gesture Shot, as well as a rear-facing camera. You can even shoot in manual mode and control settings like white balance, ISO, and shutter speed. It’s like a professional camera in your pocket.

And speaking of selfies there is a smooth skin feature that is incredible. I never take selfies because I don’t like the harsh close-ups showcasing every wrinkle, but with the LG G4 you can soften your skin without having to edit in Photoshop.

Another great feature is the video camera – it allows you to pause a video while recording.

I’m very impressed with the LG G4 and look forward to playing with it some more.

Win an LG from AT&T
How would you like to own a LG G4? AT&T is giving away 500 of them! In order to celebrate the awesome 4K capture capability and 2TB of storage, AT&T is giving away one LGG4 every 4K seconds (66 minutes) for 23 days, totaling to an impressive 500 phones. Enter the LGG4 4K Seconds Sweepstakes through June 20th.

For a chance to win:

  1. Register at
  2. Upload a picture you took from your current phone. This can be done from a mobile device, tablet or computer. Images need to be .jpg or .png and less than 1 MB.

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A special thanks to AT&T for the LG G4 and for sponsoring this blog post.