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Hola, I’m Yvette, an Emmy-winning producer and writer, award-winning food blogger, and author of Muy Bueno: Three Generations of Authentic Mexican Flavor co-written with my mother Vangie and sister Veronica, published in 2012 and Latin Twist: Traditional & Modern Cocktails co-written with Vianney from Sweet Life, published in 2015. I’m a native Texan, born and raised in El Paso. I currently live in the beautiful state of Colorado with my husband and two children. I keep my heart in two places, because I’m completely in love with our home in Colorado and also a proud Tejana!


Here on Muy Bueno, I share delicious home-style Mexican recipes served with a heaping spoonful of heartwarming family stories. For me, food has become a way to share my cultural heritage and childhood memories with my family.

Mexican food and culture have always been a big part of my life. As a young girl, I remember learning to cook with my mom, Vangie, and my grandma, Jesusita. But it wasn’t until my grandmother passed away in 2004, at the age of 98, that I realized just how passionate I really was about keeping my culture alive in my own family.

grama kitchen

It was then that I realized, if I didn’t cook, our family recipes would disappear. Instead, I decided to celebrate traditional Mexican foods and holidays with my children so they could appreciate the rich and unique heritage of Mexico.

children and empanadas valentines day

Now, my children help me in the kitchen when I cook, and they love hearing stories of my childhood. One day as we were eating dinner, my daughter asked me if I plan to have all our recipes written down for her so that she can make them after she leaves for college. She was just 8 years old at the time, but it really made me think about how we could preserve these recipes for my children’s future. I turned to my mother and said, “Mom, let’s write a cookbook!” and that’s how it all started.

When people ask why I named the blog and cookbook Muy Bueno, my response is that my grandma would always invite family and friends to her table with the same words: “Siéntate a comer, esta muy bueno” (Sit down and eat, it’s very good). She lingered on the “muuuuy bueno” with a smile, raised eyebrows, and a twinkle in her eyes as if to let her guests know they were in for a treat. Those two words—and the memory of grandma and her legendary meals—never fail to bring a smile to my face.

assembling tamales

Here on Muy Bueno, I share a collection of traditional Mexican recipes. These are my precious family’s recipes that have been passed down through generations. I also share modern Latin-fusion recipes that I have developed. Thanks to my grandma, who I know is watching over me, I feel that maybe, just maybe, she whispers a few words of encouragement into my ears to help me find my way around the kitchen and turn out a recipe worthy of her praise.

I hope you’ll enjoy discovering my grandma’s secrets to great Mexican food and following my own journey as an evolving home chef who shares delicious recipes each week.

Yvette Marquez Muy Bueno pan dulce

About Muy Bueno

I created the Muy Bueno blog as an online journal to document the journey of writing a cookbook. Over time, it evolved into a place where I could celebrate my culture, my grandma, and my mother, by preserving the generations of traditions en la cocina.

Here on Muy Bueno, you will find the blog section, where I regularly share Mexican comfort foods as well as healthy Latin inspired recipes, travel adventures, and new to the blog are DIY projects. You will also find a video section, where you can preview all of my videos from the Muy Bueno YouTube channel.

As my blog has expanded, it has allowed me to pursue my passion in more ways than one. I now work as a recipe developer, spokesperson, and on-camera host for some amazing food brands that you might see featured here on Muy Bueno from time to time. If you’d like to work together please see Work with Muy Bueno for details.

As a mother I’m especially concerned with making sure all children have access to healthy food and know where their food comes from. Did you know that 13 million kids in the U.S. struggle with hunger? In 2012, I was honored to participate in a live round-table discussion with First Lady Michelle Obama, to discuss some of the issues impacting Hispanic families across the nation, including the health and future of our children. You can see that video here.

I have also been an active supporter of Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign. You can find how to help on See some of my past campaigns like #BakeItForward.

To view a list of professional services, click here.

Mi casa es su casa ~ I feel very blessed and grateful that you have taken the time to visit my online home. I hope you take pleasure in making my recipes as much as I delight in sharing them. As my grandma used to say, “Panza llena, corazón contento” (Full stomach, happy heart).

Be sure to say hola on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Yvette, I’ll buy your cookbook! I pride myself on designing kitchens for true cooks. What a delight to help you make your kitchen a warm, colorful, inspirational and most importantly – a functional space!

    Who knows? You could end up teaching in your kitchen! Comer bien! (sure hope that’s right, I had to translate that on the internet – I studied French, not Spanish) Denise/DesignWise Workshop

  2. Vee Vangie and Yvette- Your stories and backgrounds are so inspiring! I am excited to follow your blog and watch your cookbook develop. I know your grandmother is tickled that you are doing this together. Families,friends, memories and food is where it’s at! xoxox Colleen Mount

  3. Thanks Colleen. I know you appreciate family and all that comes of it. Try out some of the recipes and let me know how you do.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the background of you three. I also love the fact that you have retained the proper accent marks and tildes on most of the Spanish words. Did you know that “González” and “Verónica” have accent marks, too? I love what you wrote about your grandmother. I could actually hear my ex-girlfriend’s mom saying “pásele, pásele…” to me. I am so happy I found your beautiful blog. I have already viewed all the latest posts that I saw on Foodgawker, such as the champurrado you made for El Día de los Muertos and the buñuelos. I will definitely be trying out your recipes and the cookbook muy pronto. Gracias por tus recetas y este blog. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for stopping by! Your comment is truly appreciated! I took a peak at your blog and you are quite the mujer!!! WOW! You have a very impressive background!

      Please subscribe to our blog — We have some very exciting Christmas recipes and stories planned! Best of luck in all your endeavors.

  5. “Pasale, pasale…” Oh, how I miss my abuelita! I’m from right there in Alamogordo, NM, but am now living about 2000 miles away. I so miss my people and am very happy to have found your site!

  6. I’m so glad to have found your blog! I’m part Mexi and also blog about traditional Spanish and Mexican foods 😀 Besos!

  7. I too grew up in El Paso (Ysleta) Las Cruces and Hatch NM area.

    In my heart, I am latina first though actually I am a guerra.

    Found the site today and makes me homesick.

    I am hoping your book or blog will have a Frijoles Charros recipe

    • Hello Colleen,

      My sister and I both went to Ysleta high school – Very small world. So happy to hear you found our site – I love hearing we have some new readers! Please be sure to subscribe to our blog and receive our recipes in your inbox. We do not have a written Frijoles Charros recipe yet, but will be sure to add it to our list. Thanks for the great suggestion! Mmm, now I’m craving some!

  8. Stumbled on your blog today, and I just wanted to say that I am so excited about your cookbook. I am originally from Colorado, my Mother is from Mexico, and I have family in El Paso. I am now living abroad, so I am always trying to learn new recipes when I visit home. My Mom always has to send me ingredients as well. Despite trying to learn most of my favorite recipes when I am home, your blog has reminded me of other recipes from my childhood….albondigas, arroz con leche, biscochos.

    • Welcome to our blog Erin! I’m so happy to hear you are excited about our cookbook. It’s been a FUN journey for the three of us! WOW! We have a lot in common – so glad to hear our recipes remind you of your childhood. That’s what I love about food – There is usually a memory that’s tied with it. Thanks for stopping by!

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  10. I live in El Paso (born and raised). I love your cookbook. Was excited to see your website. I consider myself a good cook (ask my husband and son) but can always use variations. Thank you for what you do.

  11. I have added you on my food blog blogroll! 🙂 Amazing recipes!

  12. I am so glad I found this. I was born and raised in El Paso, TX and miss home sooo much. i live in Havelock, NC now. I had to learn to make a lot of food fro home. I have started with the aqua de sandia and omg i miss home even more. Thank you for this and I am now a follower. From my heart and my stomach asta luego.

  13. I was looking up a recipe for brisket and your blog came up.I saw that you were from El Paso so I started to read more about you guys. I was born and raised in El Paso, I now live in Midland, Tx. not so far away. Great work and wish you all the best!! MI EL PASO QUERIDO!!

  14. Gracias Susana! I’m thrilled you found us too! So, how did your brisket turn out? Viva El Paso!

  15. The brisket turned out great!!

  16. Hello ladies!! I was born and raised in EP and currently live on the east coast. I and am soooo thrilled to have found your blog. I am half guerra and half Spanish (my maiden name is Vasquez and I know LITTLE Spanish, lol!) and reading this blog has brought back soooo many memories. I remember my abuelita ALWAYS sitting me down at her house for beans and homemade corn tortillas!! I grew up on the eastide – went to Hanks (class of 98). All of your recipes have brought back so many memories and everywhere I go that is farther from the border, I miss the food… haha! There are some recipes I remember and still make, but there were some that I wish I could have learned – like tamales!!! When your book is out – I’m for sure buying it! I too want to keep the tradition alive and going of the BEST mexican food in my family!! Thank you for your inspiration.

    • Hola Rachel, we are so glad you found us too! Tamales…the tasty wonderful little package of goodness. I guess we all miss them when we leave home. Your adorable memory of your abuela sitting you down to eat a bowl of frijoles and corn tortillas put a big smile on my face, ours did the same thing. Please stay in touch and we hope to help you in the kitchen as best we can by giving you some of our favorite recipes to try out for yourself. Our cookbook will be out fall 2012 so be on the lookout for it. Besos…

  17. Hello ladies!! I was born and raised in EP and currently live on the east coast. I and am soooo thrilled to have found your blog. I am half guerra and half Spanish (my maiden name is Vasquez and I know LITTLE Spanish, lol!) and reading this blog has brought back soooo many memories. I remember my abuelita ALWAYS sitting me down at her house for beans and homemade corn tortillas!! I grew up on the eastide – went to Hanks (class of 98). All of your recipes have brought back so many memories and everywhere I go that is farther from the border, I miss the food… haha! There are some recipes I remember and still make, but there were some that I wish I could have learned – like tamales!!! When your book is out – I’m for sure buying it! I too want to keep the tradition alive and going of the BEST mexican food in my family!! Thank you for your inspiration.

    • Hola Halley! I just saw your comment sitting in our spam folder (naughty spam filter). So glad I saw it. Welcome El Pasoan. Our tamale recipes will be in our cookbook for sure! I am happy to hear you are excited about our cookbook just as much as we are. Thanks for stopping by and please be sure to subscribe and follow us on Facebook. Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. You have so many recipes that are just like what my grandma used to make! My family is from El Paso too! It’s so nice to read your memories of enjoying food, makes me think of my grandma. Thank you for sharing and can’t wait till your cook book comes out!

    • Hola Me On Life! We love to hear from El Pasoans. There is just something about El Paso food, family, and memories that all bond us together. So glad you found our blog. Welcome!

  19. Hello Ladies! I too am an El Paso native, born and raised, graduated from UTEP (Go Miners!), and moved to Arizona a little over three years ago. My husband is all of the above as well, and boy do we sure miss good ol’ El Paso. ALL of our family is there (and ALL is a lot of people, haha!), and we’ve searched high and low for goooood Mexican food out here in AZ, but just can’t find it like home. I was looking for a recipe for bunuelos and stumbled upon your site. After reading some of your posts, this is definitely one of my favorite blogs. Yay for good reads, good food, and fellow El Pasoans putting us on the map! 😀


    • Hola Monique we are so glad you found us too. Mexican food is just a kitchen and some good ingredients away…oh then there’s the recipes…lol…please take a look around and please do try some our family recipes we think you’ll enjoy them. It’s always good to hear from another El Pasoan…Viva El Paso!

  20. What a lovely site you have here and creating it together as Mom and daughers! I wish my Mom and sisters would join me in my food blog endeavors too. I lived 4 years in El Paso as a kid and loved it and the people there.

    I look forward to following your beautiful blog. 🙂

  21. quiero informacuion

  22. HUM, while I’m not a cook and all I do is broil, bake, and boil, willing to give it a try from time to time to support my cuz. Would love to buy your cook book. I must admit however, don’t know if I’ll give any of the receipes a try. Soy muy floja para cocinar, but have a love for books and happy to read.

    Oh hey cuz, please autograph and send the bill.


    • You crack me up Juana! Miss you and hope to see you soon. Hopefully we can schedule some book signings in California, so we can finally see each other.

  23. I so love your blog, and that’s why I’ve nominated you as a Very Inspiring Blogger!

  24. Hello Ladies, I too am an excellent cook, i learned to cook since i was nine years old, My mother taught me well. My husband always says to get to a mans heart is through his stomach, this is true, since we have been married for 30 years now. He fell in love with my calabacita with puerco, and my chicken mole (from scratch)that my mom taught me. and awhole lot of other Mexican dishes inculding Tamales, however i am looking forward to buying your cook book, just to have other mexican recipes. Good Luck with your book.

    • Thank you Toni for your moving comments. I’m sure all your food is delicious and it sounds like you enjoying cooking as much as we do.

  25. Just discovered your blog – what fabulous women you are! Will definitely be back!

    • You are too sweet Donna — Gracias! BTW – I love the name of your blog! So cute! I look forward to checking out your blog and getting to know you.

  26. Hello, there! So happy to have discovered this site! Another ex- El Pasoan here with many wonderful memories and cravings for the many dishes I grew up eating and loving. I live in San Diego now, and love it here, but miss many familiar flavors and dishes unique to that area of the southwest. So looking forward to reading more of your blogs and trying your very special recipes. Congratulations!

    • Hola Terry! We are so excited you found us too! I love San Diego! My BFF lives there 😉

      Please stay tuned to our recipes on the blog and know that our favorites will be featured in our new Muy Bueno cookbook. I have a feeling you will relate to all the stories with each recipe 😉

      Have a great day!

  27. LOVE the three-generation theme of your blog! I wish I could do something like this, but alas, my grandma passed seven years ago. I can, however, still post some of her recipes. Anyway – adore your blog!

    • Gracias Haley for the sweet comment, we are so glad that we have mom to help us remember all of grandma’s recipes. Welcome to our casita…our casa es tu casa!

  28. Hi, Im trying to write, to let you know Im so glad that I found your cookbook, it really reminds me of my mother and grandmother. They are also from Texas, but my Mom was born and raised in Midland,Tx. My Grandmother showed me everything. I remember when she would make her special pork chops in sauce, fresh flour tortillas, and those delicious bizcochos, my grandma made them diamond shaped and with cinnamon and sugar. But her enchiladas they were the bomb! And she would make us homemade Chicharrones with homemade salsa de mocajete. Thank you for bringing back the memories

    • Hi Bobbie…we are so glad you found us too and that we can bring you some joy by taking you back in time to memories about your abuelita and her recipes. We know exactly what you mean. Her food sounds delicious. Mom used to make bizcochos diamond shaped too when we were little, I loved those. Don’t even get me started on the enchiladas. We will have a very simple chicharon recipe in our cookbook due out in October. Stay tuned for more family recipes.

  29. I stumbled on your blog and smiled from ear to ear when I saw you were from El Paso! I was born and raised in El Paso and have so many fond memories of my grandma’s cooking. I now live in Dallas and my husband and I are always looking for authentic recipes to re-create. You just can’t get the same Mexican food taste out here as you can back home! 🙂

    Gracias y que Dios los bendiga!!

    • Hi there fellow El Pasoan!!! Benvenida! WE are so glad you found us too. Feel free to hang out as long as you want and give some of our recipes a try. Let us know what your favorites are. Que Dios te bendiga tambien!!

  30. I just stumbled on your blog and haved LOVED reading all these different yummy recipes! Can’t wait to get to the store and pick up the stuff i need to try it all out!!! 😉 All the desserts!!! Thank you!!! Love this blog!!!!!

    • Thank you Danielle — I took a peak at your website and HOLY MOLY!!! You are VERY talented! I’m so glad you found us! Please stay a while and keep in touch! Let us know if you make any of our dishes and feel free to share your fancy pics of Muy Bueno dishes on our facebook page. Adios!

  31. Love your blog!
    I’m a fellow west Texan (though I grew up further east in Pecos), who now lives in Austin. Though Austin Tex-Mex is good, I find myself missing the El Paso-style of Mexican food.
    I’ve pinned a few recipes and I can’t wait to try them! Thank you for sharing!

  32. Love your work! Linked to you today from a blog post promoting your Spicy Mexican Frittata recipe. Here’s the link:

  33. hola! I was born and raised in El Paso and currently live in Castaic, CA. My family is still in El Paso and I miss the food alot. Especially the roasted green chiles, sopapillas and chico’s tacos. Seeing your recipe for empanadas brought back so many memories of my grandmother. Looking forward to making your recipes, they look wonderful! My kids will love the paletas! Thank you for sharing such a great and special cookbook!

    • Hi Diana, what a small world…Not only am I also from El Paso but I used to live in Castaic about three years ago. CRAZY. We are so glad you found our site and that you enjoy it as much as we love posting our food experiences and fascination with food and family. My kids just had the coconut and fruit paletas when they got home from school yesterday. They loved it as an after school snack. We will be in California in November for a book signing at Surfas in Culver City and their new location opening soon in Orange County…hope to meet you then. Stay tuned for the details.

  34. I from southern AZ and, when my great Grandmother passed away I got her recipe box which, for example, has a recipe for tamales from scratch with instructions for preparing the corn to make masa. I really am really happy to have it because many cards that are handwritten.

    • Wow Todd! That is a serious treasure! You should photograph all her hand written recipes and be sure to share them with your family 😉 what a priceless gift.

  35. Your cookbook is where it’s at when it comes to Mexican recipes!! I am a 28 yr. old young lady from El Paso-born and raised. Just recently, within the last year or so, I have craved to know more about my grandmothers past, but more importantly preserving her recipes and style of cooking (never, ever canned-always fresh). I remember traveling to our house in Durango, MX during summer vacation and every other morning there was always a trip to the carniceria or the fruteria; Grandma’s house was always a place of comfort for me. Finding your blog was a treat! Your book is must have in my kitchen and will serve me well as my guide to help me recreate my grandmother’s cooking. Thank you so much for putting your passion, love, energy and design skills (I, too, am a graphic designer) into this wonderful project! De todo corazon-blessings to y’all always…

    • Prisma, such a lovely name, thank you soooo much for your heart-warming comments. We hope you get your hands on a book and start enjoying some of what all our abuelas created in the kitchen “Amor on a plate”. If you are still in El Paso we would love to meet you on November 17 where we will be doing a book signing at Barnes & Noble on the Eastside. Besos!

  36. Well, unfortunately I no longer live in El Paso, but I do travel there every once in a blue moon. I currently reside in Austin (finishing up my Bachelors in Advertising) so if you’re ever in the area I would absolutely love to meet with y’all! By the way, tonight was a bit chilly and I decided that I would make your tortilla soup and champurrado. Let me tell you, it was the right way to go! It filled my heart and tummy with warmth, gusto and of course, lots of love….

  37. I was looking up a recipe for pumpkin empanadas and stumbled in your blog. I saw where you are from and knew i was at the right place- I’m from El Paso originally and now live in Denver! I’ll be following you for other home style cooking now!

    • What a small world Erin! Glad you found us! I hope I have the chance to meet you! Maybe you can attend our upcoming book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Lone Tree – Dec 8th 2-4PM

  38. I had the pleasure of eating some of your grandma’s homemade caldo. She was a very good cook, it was always delicious. I remember her saying,”Pásale, Pásale, vengan a comer”. She always was inviting people to eat. I am so glad that all of you had the opportunity to make this book.

    I would like to order a copy for myself and one for my son and daughter in law.

    • Hola Aida!!! How are you? I’m so glad you found our site. Thank you so much for sharing your memories of our sweet grandma.

      Have you had a chance to buy our cookbook? You can order on or Barnes & or check your local B&N store. You might even want to call the B&N in El Paso and have them send you autographed copies 😉

      Hope you are well! Have a wonderful Navidad!

  39. I just stumbled upon your blog as I searched for Mexican recipes. I’m also native to El Paso and I moved away from there 3 years ago and I terribly miss the food! I stuff my face every year when I go back to visit family. I just ordered the cookbook and can’t wait to delve into it!

    • So excited you found us! Please keep us posted on your cookbook and any Muy Bueno recipes you whip up. Let your El Paso familia know we will be there this Saturday at the Barnes & Noble singing cookbooks.

    • That’s awesome! Thanks for ordering the book Erik. We do miss our El Paso receipes when we are away from home which is one of the reasons we wrote the book. Hope you get it soon, buen provecho!

  40. Let me introduce myself. I am the CEO – The Latino I noticed that you had not submitted your bios and information to our site. Our goal is to have the largest network of Latino and Latina authors and make our presence known throughout – the many literary works that have been completed and will be completed in the future.

    Currently we are reaching over 120 countries and all the U.S. If you get a minute, please join our network and submit your bios, along with a picture and we will put your information up. Currently we are rating on the first page on Google – sometimes 1st, sometimes 2nd, and sometimes 3rd.

    The only thing we ask is that you spread the word and “if possible” put a link to us on your site. We highlight various authors throughout the weeks and months.



    • Hola Corina,

      So happy you found our site! I emailed you my information and look forward to seeing it on your site. I have also shared your site with other Latina authors.

      If you need anything else please do not hesitate to ask.


  41. I was searching for biscochos recipe and your blog came up on the search and i am so thankful it did. All the other receipes didn’t sound authentic until i read this one. I think knowing you have a similar background to me makes it that much more warm. I am also from El Paso, born and raised in Ysleta, but call Phoenix my home now. Its a few days away from Christmas and missing my mom’s homemade cooking and baking. So I beleive this recipe will be as close to home as i will get. Thank you for your blog.

    • Hi Belinda and welcome to Muy Bueno…we too are from El Paso and also raised in Ysleta, what a small world. We love our mom’s biscochos and every year at Christmas we have to make these, because like you they remind us of home. Happy Holidays! and we are glad our blog has brought you a little bit of home in your home in Phoenix.

  42. Well…where do I begin? My grandfather was Jose Soza, which makes me a great niece/cousin of yours. I recently found out about your cookbook, and I am so grateful for the wonderful idea you brought to life. I am excited to read through it and experiment with some of the recipes to hopefully get a feel of the Soza family.

    Thank you once again and happy holidays! 🙂

  43. I was looking for a champurrado recipe and clicked on your website. It brings many wonderful memories of my Grandmother Maria’s recipes and of childhood being raised by my Grandmother and being in the kitchen in the restaurant and the wonderful smells of her cooking. I too want to put all her recipes and the story of our family for my children to enjoy and I am encouraged to start soon. Thank you and I will buy your cookbook.


    Maria Rivera Aguilar

  44. I made your rosca de Reyes . It is a wonderful recipe. But I could not make it look as loveley as yours. Can you please give a detailed explanation of how to achieve the braided look?

    • So happy to hear you made it Maria! It is more of a twist vs. a braid.

      When dough has risen and doubled in size, punch it down and turn it out onto a lightly floured board, kneading just enough to release any air bubbles. Roll the dough into a 9- by 30-inch rectangle. Crumble the filling over the dough to within 1 inch of the edges. Starting along a long side, tightly roll up the dough, pinching edge against loaf to seal. With a sharp knife, cut roll in half lengthwise, carefully turn cut sides up, and loosely twist ropes around each other, keeping cut sides up.

  45. I stumbled on your site by accident, but so happy to do so! I felt like I had walked through my tia’s front door, to delight sights and sounds. I look forward to trying your recipes and will send sight to my son who loves to cook. I guess El Pasoans leave El Paso but El Paso never leaves El Pasoans.

    • You truly made my day with this comment P S MINJARES! Un abrazo fuerte!

      I loved your comment so much that I shared it on our facebook page. I hope you don’t mind 😉

      Thank you for stopping by our blog. Please keep in touch!

  46. Came across your site today while I was at home feeling ill. I so much miss the homemade tortillas my Abuela would make when we would cross over from El Paso to Juarez to visit. Although I have lived in San Antonio for 15 years now, I still miss that special “something” that El Paso has that I can’t get anywhere else. I make a lot of Mexican food here to show my friends and neighbors the way “real” Mexican food should taste. Your site will help me add to a list of things I learned from my mom and grandmother. I know my wife appreciates it too. From one El Pasoan to another -Good job!

    • Hi Randy,

      Let me just tell you how special your comment is. Thank you for taking the time to leave us such sweet words. You truly made our day. I shared it on our facebook page — I hope you don’t mind. Thank you for reaching out. I’m excited to see what your blog is all about. Please keep in touch.

      God bless!

    • Do you have our printed cookbook Randy? I have a feeling you will love it. Lots of great stories that as an El Pasoan I know you will treasure.

  47. Hi Ladies! I was reading a copy of The Citizen here in Stuttgart Germany that featured an article about your new cookbook. I promptly ordered it and just finished making the red chile sauce. This morning, I had a breakfast that was so good it brought tears to my eyes. My husband and I met while both stationed in El Paso. I used to eat breakfast every Sunday at a place called Alejandro’s. When I was pregnant with my first child, I could only eat menudo. Your cookbook reminded me of my fond memories of that time. I loved reading about Jesusita. Thank you for sharing a slice of your heritage and family traditions. The memoirs and recipes are truly muy bueno.

    • Hi Alicia, Great to hear The Citizen in Stuttgart Germany mentioned our cookbook. Sounds like you have the yummy El Paso food addiction, we too miss food from our home town and we’re glad our cookbook can quench your thirst for some recipes from El Paso.

  48. I have bought 4 of your cook books. I am trying to put together a family cook book just for family members. I have been talking to the older members of the family to get their recipes. While researching recipes I found your book, and they had the same things that my dad made all the time. My dad’s family is from El Pas0. I took him back to Islita, I think that is how you spell it, to find his family beginning. We went to the oldest church in Texas, there in Islita. we found the records of his grandparents. I see that is where your family is from. My dad said he lived their the same time as your family. I think that is why some of the found he makes is similar to your recipes. My dad is a great cook, I thought he was the only one to make the corn, cheese and zucinne recipe. I love your cook book because it reminds me of the food I grow up on. I will refer to your book in my family cook book. Mine is for family only, in will include different nationality from our family. thanks again

    • Wow Monica — thank you! Yup, we grew up in Ysleta and our mom still actually lives in the same house we grew up in. It will always be home there 😉

      I’m honored to hear that our cookbook has reminded you so much of your childhood. I wish you lots of luck gathering recipes for your family cookbook. Best wishes on it all. It’s a beautiful keepsake that I’m sure your family will treasure always.

  49. Hi Ladies! I did a search for mexican food on pinterest and found your blog. I am excited to try your recipes. I loved reading about your grandma, unfortunately I was not lucky to meet my maternal grandmother. I have been inspired to make a collection of our favorite mexican recipes my mom and my aunt (her twin sister) used to cook . Mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimers so she doesn’t cook much anymore. Wish I had learned to make her flour tortillas.

    • So glad you found us on Pinterest Carmen. Welcome to our blog. We have a delicious flour tortilla recipe in our printed cookbook. There is nothing like making a special recipe that makes you reminisce about the good ol’ days. Hoping our recipes warm your heart and home.

  50. Hello, Muy Bueno ladies! I came across your blog on the Betty Crocker site, glad I did, you have some great recipes. Some of these recipes are a little similar to mine, but I’m going to try yours, because the all sound great!!!
    I see your from El Paso, my parents are from Juarez, but they came out to California when they were young. My moms sisters live in El Paso. We would go visit every summer when I was younger. I like Texas, had some fun times.
    Keep up the good work.

    • I’m so glad to hear that Bea! Would love to hear all about your muy bueno cooking adventures. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask. So happy you have similar memories of El Paso and your childhood. Keep in touch.

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